Shape your ACC

Client: ACC | Platform: Web | Role: Experience Design Lead (UI/UX) | Year: 2018



Shape your ACC is public engagement platform designed for ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) to gather feedback from New Zealanders around potential changes to ACC’s policies this feedback is gathered through comments, messages and like/dislike based reactions.

The feedback gathered on these policies is then used to help shape them going forward.

The platform also functions as a way of informing the public to ACC’s future thinking.

Topic page on desktop and mobile.

Feedback active state on the desktop and mobile.

What we wanted to achieve


The main goal of the platform redesign was to dramatically lift the level of customer engagement/feedback on the platform.

We also wanted to empower customers to provide feedback in ways that they had never had before. In doing this we wanted to increase the amount insightful & personal submissions that would genuinely inform change.

There was an initial goal of 5000 pieces of public feedback across the first four week consultation period set by the business.

Early journey mapping session with ACC.

Who we designed for


Shape your ACC was designed around 4 key customer groups as well as Internal stakeholders;

Injured New Zealander’s
A group motivated to contribute if they believe they can have an impact to improve ACC’s services, this covers all aspects from personal experiences to workplace improvements.

Everyday New Zealander’s
A group motivated by contributing to improved services as well as improving communication between ACC and the public.

Small & large businesses
Given there vested interest in ACC’s decision making given the direct impact that the changes that ACC makes have on their day to day business.

Service providers
Much like Small & large business they are motivated due to the impact that changes have on their lives and how they run their services.

Prototype workflow of a topic page.

How we designed, tested and built


The initial phase of the project was spent researching the existing motivations, behaviour, expectations & pain points of the pre-existing platform this was done through discovery based interviews of customers and internal stakeholders.

After we completed the discovery phase and summarised the findings we went about creating a series of interactive prototypes based around what we had discovered. These featured a variety of feedback options & content layouts and these were further tested through 3 rounds of interviews with the candidates that fit the customer groups.

Initial user journey for the quick feedback option on mobile.

User feedback summary document.

Snippet from the style-guide of the feedback options for Shape your ACC.


The findings from these were then presented to the internal business and lead to validating the concepts around the feedback options and the way content was to be laid out and consumed on the platform.

Once the prototype phase of the project had been completed & we had sign off from ACC, we then set about creating a refined design of the platform that was more reflective of the final product which introduced brand elements and final content. This then taken through a smaller round of testing to have that last level of customer validation to our thinking.

We then moved through to final design and development hand-off, In all the design phase of project went 3 months with the total project time ending up at 5 months.

Live example of the “Feedback” tab on a topic page.

“Everyone is really impressed with the site and stoked with the engagement. I couldn’t be more happy with how this is going, full credit to our design, dev and testing team for making this happen!”

How it all ended up


On go live day the Shape your ACC saw a huge growth on engagement on the platform when compared to previous years.

Total visits
17,368 page views and 7,341 users (2017: 6,274 / 834)

Total submissions
1,302 (2017: 142).

Feedback received
4,000 feedback submissions in the first week (from their total goal over the month of 5,000).