Careers at Corrections

Client: Department of Corrections | Platform: Web | Role: Experience Design Lead (UI/UX) | Year: 2018-19



Careers at Corrections is the careers platform for the Department of Corrections.

Candidates can view information about the opportunities, teams, events and what life is like at Corrections.

What we wanted to achieve


In late 2018, The Department of Corrections came to us after they had identified that they were servicing potential candidates through their existing platform/s was not working.

Working together we worked towards identify the key business objectives that Careers at Corrections would need to full-fill, and how we wanted to achieve this.

The key goals were to;

• Inform users of what jobs were available & if the role suited them so they could make more informed decisions.

• Educate users to the wider mission, what life is like at Corrections as well as educate them on the roles and teams.

• Enable users to easily apply for roles.

• Make Corrections more approachable to those that may not have considered a career there previously.

• Deliver a platform that was unlike any other government careers site to date.

Who we designed for


The platform was designed around 3 key customer groups as well as Internal stakeholders;

Potential Candidates
Those that have an interest or are considering a career in corrections.

Existing candidates
Those that have started the recruitment process but want to know more about the process and the mission of Corrections.

Friends & family
Those who have pre-existing relationships with Existing and potential candidates and have questions about what a career at corrections entails.

Prototype of the chatbot FAQ.

How we designed, tested and built


Setting a goal of discovering “What makes a careers site great” pressure right, we undertook qualitative and quantitative research which allowed us to gain a firm understanding of who their audience is, their goals, barriers and motivations.

Creative workshopping
We ran a number of co-design workshops to bring together the best design experience and business needs. This helped us come up with unique solutions and ideas that works for everyone.

We love to build things lots of things, and then have people test, break and critique.

User interviews
Peeking over the shoulder of people as they explore the website prototype, we could identify quickly what areas were working well and where we could make improvements.

Creating the platform aka the secret recipe
Throughout our discovery phase for this project, we looked through every careers site known to the internet and maybe a few more after that (maybe a slight exaggeration, but we did look at a lot!). We wanted to get some inspiration on what we thought worked great, who was doing some cool innovative things and what structural trends made up the journey of a great careers site.

By the end of it all we came down to this recipe based on everything we saw that forms our design ethos for Careers at Corrections:

Card sorting outcomes from user testing.

Workflows of the team page.

Developing the “Role/Team” cards, from the initial wires, experimenting with the corrections brand.


Empower me to find a role or explore a career path straight away.

Examples of this:
Careers, Vacancies, Benefits, Snapshot information.

Show me why I’d want to work here & why the organisation/career does what it does.

Examples of this:
EVP, Social proof, Emotive imagery.

Inform me of what each career is all about, how it functions & where it fits inside of a specific organisation.

Examples of this:
Benefits list, Imagery, Descriptions, associated roles, categorising roles as a whole.

What is the hiring process like, being as transparent as possible.

Examples of this:
Step by step visualisations of how the hiring process.

A focus on ‘me’
Throughout the research and interview phases of the project, one of the main trends that came out was the importance of having a platform that functions to each individual’s need. Be that “I want to apply for jobs now, I don't care about all the fluff” or “I need to know all the facts and hey what's the culture like here”.

This was a balancing act, creating ways for users to get to their goals was one of the biggest challenges of the project and one that heavily informs the way you go about navigating the site.

The other thing that we discovered through the process was that people really value careers content that is quickly consumable (AKA no novels) and is written in a way that is speaking to them, not at them, as it helps build a more approachable human connection with what's being displayed to them.

Behaviour & variations of the “Team” cards.

How it all ended up


Overall we learned that careers sites are way more than just “view vacancies” they are people-centric experiences that need to be highly adaptive and enable a huge variety of individual requirements.

We can’t thank Corrections enough for the opportunity to reshape their site and we are all super stoked with the final outcome.

Bounce rate

Decreased from 80% to 35%

Time on the page
increased from 2.5min to 3.5min