TipOff - Daily UI Basketball App Project - Day 4

Following the My Roster screen that I created yesterday I decided to carry on that theme and create a Player Profile, Again I've taken the snapshot mentality to how I have laid out the content through out the profile. What do I mean by Snapshot? simply put yourself in the frame of being with your friends and everyones bragging about their favourite players and you want to instantly shut them down showing off your favourite players stats and recent results. 

So I took the approach of having an Season average panel under the overview section its direct and it gives the user all the key information about that player without making them navigate around its light and easy. Following this we have the players 5 most recent results this carries on the theme of colour coded panels creating a really visual experience. 

I also added a "Trade Alert" Notification at the bottom. Say you searching around the app or following a score and someone in your Roster is traded (in this instance) thats something that is breaking news so why not have a custom notification of that event.