TipOff - Daily UI Basketball App Project - Day 3

Today for the TipOff Project I decided to create the "My Roster" screen. My Roster is a user defined list of the users favourite players from the league, The user defines a starting 5 during the on-boarding process these 5 players are the one that the user really cares about these players are displayed in a richer graphical way as opposed to "The Bench" who are a list of players that the user likes but not necessarily care about there every move.

Now why "My Roster" well my thinking is based around two things. One the saturation of jerseys that NBA fans wear around the world has lead to a demographic of basketball fans that really care about the players who's jerseys they have which lead me to creating a concept that allows the user to have a place where they can follow those players specifically and keep up with there movements.  The second reasoning was purely around taking the standard team and league news down another level straight to the players giving the user a hub to follow the players live as things are happening a place they can glance and get all the information they want without navigating around the app frustrating the user with the possibility of missing out on things.