TipOff - Daily UI Basketball App Project - Day 7

Today marks the end of the screen a day, week long TipOff Project. I am planning on carrying on creating branding for this and showing off some UX Behaviours and flows.

Again I continued on with the onboarding process by creating the pick your roster screen, we display a welcome header showing confirmation of the users choice of HomeCourt, this is shown in the associated teams styling. We then show a small section displaying the users selections. After this we display the players first for suggested players which a based on the users HomeCourt selection, followed by the remaining players organised by popularity a search bar is also there to help give the users more direct control over finding the player that they want.

TipOff - Daily UI Basketball App Project - Day 6

Nearing one day left on UI side of the TipOff Day Challenge, I have decided to create branding and UX documents around my designs after the 7 days are up in the hope that it shows my thinking and process more. Today I created a screen from the onboarding process highlighting specifically the "HomeCourt" Selection process. 

The HomeCourt Selection has;
-Give a preview of the users selected team just to give them a few of the aesthetic that they will be getting based upon there choice. Again this is very visual perhaps a bit loud but its Basketball its energy and action so we can get away with loud. 

- Trending teams, these would be teams that are popular amongst users on the app, again making it easy for the user to make a quick choice without forcing them to search around. Likely users who like successful teams are more likely to use apps as they would go out of there way to get information. 

- Teams, pretty simple its the remaining teams in the league there a simple search there to save scrolling. 

- Big full width confirmation button, again its loud but its custom to the users HomeCourt selection in colour, we notify the user of there choice in the bar as well for double confirmation.

Other thoughts at the moment is that as I have come up with more and more screens for this I've stopped seeing it as just a basketball app but more of custom sports platform alot of the features can be changed to fit other sports but the overall behaviours and features really work across other sports I am going to pursue creating examples of this for other sports. 

TipOff - Daily UI Basketball App Project - Day 5

Following a full on day at my day job making guidelines and several design meetings with a crunch release day coming up ideas where coming a bit short, So I focused on creating a simple full screen menu, something that focus on the same UX principles that I have kept throughout the previous screens, It uses the users favourite team "HomeCourt" colour palette keeping it consistent along with the Snapshot ideology of keeping the user always informed of whats going on no matter where they are through displaying there favourite teams score and if players in there "My Roster" are active in games. 

TipOff - Daily UI Basketball App Project - Day 4

Following the My Roster screen that I created yesterday I decided to carry on that theme and create a Player Profile, Again I've taken the snapshot mentality to how I have laid out the content through out the profile. What do I mean by Snapshot? simply put yourself in the frame of being with your friends and everyones bragging about their favourite players and you want to instantly shut them down showing off your favourite players stats and recent results. 

So I took the approach of having an Season average panel under the overview section its direct and it gives the user all the key information about that player without making them navigate around its light and easy. Following this we have the players 5 most recent results this carries on the theme of colour coded panels creating a really visual experience. 

I also added a "Trade Alert" Notification at the bottom. Say you searching around the app or following a score and someone in your Roster is traded (in this instance) thats something that is breaking news so why not have a custom notification of that event.

TipOff - Daily UI Basketball App Project - Day 3

Today for the TipOff Project I decided to create the "My Roster" screen. My Roster is a user defined list of the users favourite players from the league, The user defines a starting 5 during the on-boarding process these 5 players are the one that the user really cares about these players are displayed in a richer graphical way as opposed to "The Bench" who are a list of players that the user likes but not necessarily care about there every move.

Now why "My Roster" well my thinking is based around two things. One the saturation of jerseys that NBA fans wear around the world has lead to a demographic of basketball fans that really care about the players who's jerseys they have which lead me to creating a concept that allows the user to have a place where they can follow those players specifically and keep up with there movements.  The second reasoning was purely around taking the standard team and league news down another level straight to the players giving the user a hub to follow the players live as things are happening a place they can glance and get all the information they want without navigating around the app frustrating the user with the possibility of missing out on things.


TipOff - Daily UI Basketball App Project - Day 2

Following the first screen that I created yesterday called "HomeCourt" I decided to create a match overview screen that will be accessed if a user taps on a panel from there main feed.

The screen features a full bleed top image helping to give the app a more cinematic feeling for video content. Followed by a simple tab menu giving the user standard options that you'd find on any basketball app. 

The Overview tab features a quick box score but I decided to mix it up by displaying the teams top performers, using the descending colours UX established on the "HomeCourt" screen. Doing this allows for a more visually engaging experience for the user without over bearing them with content.

TipOff - Daily UI Basketball App Project - Day 1

Over the next 7 days, Im going to take an hour a day to design a screen for a personal project, Called TipOff a Basketball app based around giving the user a dedicated lightweight news/stats/video feed around there favourite teams/players and leagues

The first screen I have made is called "HomeCourt" which is the users main feed, the content in this is dedicated to the users favourite team in this example the "Charlotte Hornets" the apps panels and menus are customised to fit the colours of the team helping give it a more personalised experience. The Panels go from dark to a lighter shade of the teams primary colour, with the darker panels symbolising the latest content.